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Ethyl Methacrylate


We are a major distributor of Ethyl Methacrylate for Eastern and Western Europe, but with excellent opportunities for export outside of Europe.

Description and uses

Ethyl methacrylate monomer (EMA) is an ester of methacrylic acid. EMA is a clear, colorless, volatile liquid with a characteristic odor, slightly soluble in water and miscible with most organic solvents.
Some examples on the use of EMA:

  • resins and dispersions for paints, varnishes and inks
  • aqueous dispersions for textiles and leather
  • plastics and synthetic resins (acrylic sheets)
  • synthetic rubbers and lattices

EMA is also used for oil additives as well as in the fields of medicine and dentistry to make prosthetic devices and as a ceramic filler or cement.

EMA is a reactive monomer and can readily be polymerized with itself or with other monomers to form thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. It's polymers have a wide range of properties and applications. Acrylic polymers can be produced by bulk, solution, emulsion, or suspension polymerization in the form of sheets, films, foams, molding pellets, powders, lattices, and solutions.

Artificial / false nail applications:
EMA is perfectly suitable as an ingredient for artificial /false nails. Previously Methyl Methacrylate was used. MMA in its liquid form has been banned for use in the nail industry due to the severity of allergic reaction and damage to the natural nail plate. It adheres so tightly to the nail plate that it can literally rip the nail plate from the nail bed due to heavy pressure from a blow or trauma to the nail. MMA is so hard that it cannot be safely removed from the nail plate by soaking in any form of remover - it must be filed from the nail plate with a heavy abrasive. EMA can be safely soaked from the nail plate for complete removal. EMA is a 'flexible' monomer.

We also offer a related product: 2-Hydroxy Ethyl Methacrylate (HEMA): HEMA is a protein specific monomer that will seek out and firmly attach itself to the protein in the nail plate. HEMA is used as an additive to improve adhesion.


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Safety information

Detailed safety information is contained in each material data safety sheet, which can be obtained from our sales offices.

Product details

Product group Methacrylate Monomers
Synonym product Metakrylan Etylu, Etil metakrilat, Metacrilat de Etil, Ethyl methakrylát, Etylmetakrylat, Etyylimetakrylaatti, Méthacrylate d'Éthyle, Metacrilato d'Etilo, 2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl, ethyl ester
Package Bulk
Packed Materials
Statistics number 2916-14-90(-90)
Cas number 97-63-2
Cus number 17304
EC number 202-597-5
RID/ADR number 3,3b
UN number 2277

Physical properties

Molecular weight 114
Specific gravity (20°C/4°C) 0.910 - 0.916
Refractive index Nd (20°C) 1.4157
Boiling point (°C/mmHg) 118/760, 77/200, 58/100, 42/50
Specific heat (cal/g/°C) 0.46
Heat of Polymerization kcal/ml 14.1
Freezing point °C -60
Viscosity (CPS,20°C) 0.62
Flash point (°C) open cup 20.5
Flash point closed cup °C 27.0
Toxity (Acute oral LD50,rats,mg\kg) 13,300
Tg of polymer 65
Solubility (% 20°C) water in 0.80
Solubility (% 20°C) in water 0.50


ECEM provides a full range of related products used in the production of adhesives, acrylic resins, paints & lacquers. Please contact us for information about our specialty products.

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